TrickyDevelopment is a company that develops mobile apps

We offer to small-scaled companies to declare themselves and as a result to enlarge the amount of installs with the help of using our high qualitative traffic where a user is interested in clicking on your advertisement.

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Lorem IpsumWe are looking for new cooperations. We are interested in the searching for new cooperation and communication with investors. We have qualitative traffic and we offer it to companies on profitable terms. Also our experts develop new startup ideas which are relevant at the moment and have a future.

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Candidate Requirements

OOP Knowledge

According to this principle you should know OOP terms.

Site creation(optional)

If you can create a simple website with a login and a connection to the database it will be enough to try to cooperate with us.

LTV counting(optional)

If you know what the LTV is and can calculate it for our products we will take you to our team.

DB developing(optional)

MySQL, SQL, Indexes and understanding of basic architectures.